Wednesday, August 6, 2008

When my sisters were here

Brenda and Jana and all their kids came up last week for a few days and we packed in as much fun as we could!

I was just finishing up the last pint of Apricot Jam when they arrived. Look at this beautiful tribute to my father-in-law's apricot trees!

On Monday we went to Willow Park - Logan's version of a Zoo. It's a fun place to take the kids and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Brandon feeding fish food to the ducks

Tuesday we hit Bear Lake again. It was a BLAST even without the jet-skii's. The mom's just sat in the shade eating treats and visiting (the best past-time EVER) while the kids played in the water.



Lauren and Shelby

Isaiah was more interested in chasing the seagulls (with his aquired saftey tube) than he was in swimming in the lake.

Isabella. Just to clarify, those are not cookie crumbs on her face. It is sand.

Brenda and Shelby and the rest of the gang

Sweet Isabella. She cannot bear to be out of sight from her mom right now (you all know the age that hits - right BEFORE they are 18 months and can FINALLY go to nursery). But I gotta say, mom took a distant 2nd to the water in Isabella's eyes. Once she got her feet wet, she couldn't have cared less where Jana was. She just wanted to be in that water!

Lauren gets Isaiah in the WATER? How'd she do it?? The whole day we begged and pleaded, bribed and sweet-talked this kid to try and get him in the water. All I can say is, Lauren, you are a GENIOUS.

Me and Shelby having way too much fun

Everyone but the photographer (Brenda)


The Marlin's said...

I was beginning to wonder if you were on one of your trips again. Glad all is well and we can catch up on the fun times you are having. I'm jealous... Your summer looks way to fun. I bet the kids dread the thought of it ending and going back to school.

ramsam said...

That jam???/ Amazing. I have yet to can ANYTHING! Looks like a great trip to Bear Lake, and ummm- I have 200 pages to go in The Book. I just can't carve the time to sit down and FINSIH it! Why did she have to make it so darn long?

Brenda Lee said...

Love the pix! I can't believe Shelby is sitting up already...hope to see you soon.