Friday, March 20, 2009

Update on the situation

It was like Christmas morning when the girls got up today.

They rushed out at the crack of dawn to see if Rosie/Pepper/Bell/Jazzy/Trixie (they haven't quite decided which one yet) was still there.

They were ELATED to see her curled up on the pillow they put out for her. It was an answer to their prayers!! (Seriously, they said several prayers about this last night.) A confirmation that RPBJT now belongs with us!!

I will say she seems to be a good dog. She doesn't bark much, sits when she's told, doesn't nip, isn't hyper-active and she's kinda cute-looking...


Thursday, March 19, 2009


Remember this post??

Matt found a stray puppy in the storage units tonight. Shannon has been on cloud 9 ever since. She has named her, fed her, made a bed for her, played with her NON STOP and is begging, BEGGING to keep her. I'm in trouble. My NO PETS ALLOWED rule is starting to crumble...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A few kid updates

This guy turned 14 last month. Don't you just love the look?? He's sure grown up a lot in the last year. Every time I talk to him his voice has dropped another pitch or two...

Shannon participated in the Solo Music Festival this year for the first time. She earned a "Superior" rating from all three judges and was nominated for the Honor Recital!! She is so talented and writes a lot of her own music. Did I mention she's only 11??

Such a classic "Ellie smile"! She is such a wonderful helper and loves to take care of Shelby.

This little girl has learned to walk, run and climb, she has sprouted three teeth, can say "gink, doo doo (thank you), uh oh, ssssat (what's that), yes, da-da, mommmma, ya-ya and a few other words that I haven't figured out yet.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Time to make a come back

Oh the guilt.

I've been in a funk lately and haven't wanted to blog. I just kept going back and forth as to what to blog about all the time?? Do I just blog about what we as a family have been doing? Do I blog about what's on my mind? And trying to make it readable/funny/interesting can be SO MUCH WORK... UGH.

I gave it up for awhile just to see if I could, just to see if I missed it.

I did, and I didn't.

BUT. I feel so guilty reading the blogs of my family and friends - KNOWING how much effort it takes (please tell me it takes effort for you to blog a post or is it post on your blog?) to write and here I am all hungry and getting fed and not giving back to the blogosphere. (I also noticed that my stats have dropped quite a lot during this "lull". Not liking that much either.)

So here I go again!!

One of my good friends turned 40 last week and we celebrated it with style! (Next time you want to have some fun, put on a wig and go out to dinner and then go play laser tag.) Here we are getting ready to go kidnap Kerri (the beloved b-day girl).

Surprising her at her house. She is donned with a wig, glasses and "40 is FOXY" t-shirt courtesy of her lovely friends.

In our limo-van!! Amber (driving) DeAnna (front seat), Janna (brown fro) and Amy (purple bob)

Leslie and Sarah are channeling Sunny and Cher.

Cami and Tara... I have nothing funny to say about this picture.

Tour-guide Barbie... I mean DeAnna

Kerri is the oldest out of our little group, but you'd never guess. Not only does she NOT look it... she doesn't act it either!!!

At dinner. (We had a lot of fro's going on that night!)

This is the secret of how she stays so young looking.

Playing laser-tag after dinner. AWESOME. Except that I should have taken off my high-heeled boots. They made running around and dodging laser beams tricky.

Wigs + Friends + B-days = FUN TIMES