Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am a happy girl

Two of my very good friends from Payson came up to spend the weekend with us. It was a "working" visit and YES, we WORKED until our little voices were RAW (not really, but we did work hard).

I am singing with Carey Heaton and Dawn Garret, two amazing voices and wonderful friends of mine, at the Relay For Life in Payson on June 12th. We have been working over the last few months to get our songs ready and have been trying to practice as much as possible. But when you live 150 miles apart that is difficult to do. Having them come up here this weekend was a BIG HELP to our progress not to mention a total BLAST!!! Oooohhhhh, I LOVE having friends and family visit us! (hint, hint, hint....). We were able to get all of our songs recorded, rough versions of them at least and we practiced our guts out. It was so much fun - I just love these guys! We got a little wild and crazy with the Karaoke singing one night (Carey - s'okay if I post your ABBA dance? Lol!) Dawn's daughter, Meg also came up which was fun as well! I thought she would be totally bored, but she wasn't! She sat there and listened, watched or practiced right along with us!

On Saturday everybody took a break to go and support Shannon and Ellie at their very first soccer games! Shannon has never played until this year but has caught on quick and is loving it.

Shannon playing Goalie

Ellie was really excited about her game, but didn't know what to expect (all her practices have been rained out so far)! At half time she came up to me and said, "Mom, soccer is HARD." Yep.

Because the weather has been so horrible lately the field was still pretty mushy and she got her pink soccer socks dirty... she was NOT happy about THAT.

We all got a sunburn... it was awesome. FINALLY Spring is here.

After the soccer games we came back to the house and got to work... after that is, we went to lunch and did some necessary shopping. Matt was home from school and was anxious to help us do some recording. He waited and waited and waited... so patiently until we were ready to lay down some tracks!! We worked until MIDNIGHT. It was exhausting but also so rewarding to be able to hear our hard work pay off.

Matt at the controls...

It's been a great weekend. I am so grateful for these two girls - they are such wonderful examples to me and are both so talented!! Thanks to their families who sacrificed in order for them to be able to come up here this weekend (Brandon and Kirk - you guys are SUPER-DUPER!) Thanks girls for making the drive and sacrificing YOUR time and energy to do this with me!

We always have to do a "crazy face" picture. It's tradition.

Friday, April 3, 2009


This was an actual conversation between me, Shannon and Christopher on our way home from Layton this afternoon.

Christopher: "Mom, I've got armpit hair!"

Me: I look at him in the rear view mirror, with a "huh?" expression on my face.

Christopher: "No, REALLY mom. I've got armpit hair. A BLACK one." He says this proudly like it's been his life long wish.

Me: "Wow." I say with little enthusiasm. I'm not quite sure where this is going...

Christopher: Throwing off his seat belt and jumping up on the console between the two front seats. "See look!!!" He proceeds to pull up his t-shirt to reveal a bare armpit...

Me: "Christopher, I am DRIVING. I can't look."

Christopher: "LOOK! See!!"

Shannon: "That's just peach fuzz."

Christopher: "It is NOT! It's armpit hair! Look, you can see it, it's BLACK.
Look mom!!"
Now he is pinching the skin to make it easier for me to view.

Me: I steal a quick glance. I don't see anything. I look one more time and see a patch of peach fuzz.

Shannon: "There's nothing there! It's just fuzz!" She is giggling now.

Christopher: "There is too you can see it! What would you know anyway?!"

Shannon: "That's nothin." She pulls up her sleeve to reveal....

Christopher: "Oh!! OOOHHHHH!!!!! YUCK!! THAT'S SOOOO GROSSSSSS!!!!!"

Shannon: "Now THAT is armpit hair."

The End.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


We spent the better part of our evening last night in the ER with Shelby.


But... has an injured right arm. Possibly broken, but they can't see a fracture on the x-ray so they think it might be on the growth plate.

Let me back up.

Matt has been working hard to put together an awesome recording studio for me over the last few weeks. (Another post for another time.) He had just got a few new components hooked up and had asked me to come back to the office/"recording studio" to try it out. Shelby and Ellie were trying to sit "quietly" on the couch in the room with us while Matt and I did some testing. Anyway, at some point Shelby got restless and started trying to stand up and Ellie's big-sister-wanna-be-helpful switch kicked in. Somehow in trying to prevent Shelby from toppling off the couch head first, Ellie twisted Shelby's arm and it "popped" (according to Ellie).

This is where the crying (the kind you KNOW is not good) started and didn't stop. It wasn't long before we knew we needed to have her checked. Matt jumped on the phone to see what the after-hours dispatch said and we got the biggest run around! We finally just decided to take her to the ER.

The doctors (yes, multiple doctors checked her out. It must have been a slow evening in the ER) looked her over and suggested that her elbow might have been yanked out of socket. (Nurse-maid elbow) So they did the painful adjustment to fix it. Supposedly if that is the problem, the patient generally responds well after they adjust it (10-15 minutes and they begin to use the arm again.) Shelby did not. She cried harder and still would not use her arm (even after multiple efforts using suckers and popsicles). So then we headed to radiology. Let me tell you how much fun THAT was. The one good thing, she didn't move her arm while they were doing all the x-rays.

The x-rays came back okay. No visible fracture, but with her still in a lot of pain (they tried ANOTHER elbow adjustment. No cigar.) they concluded that there could be a fracture on the growth plate which would not show up on the x-ray. So they put her arm in a fiberglass splint, added a cute little sling, some IBP and orders to make an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor. She will remain in the splint until Monday when we see the orthopedic doctor for a follow up and probably another set of x-rays.

She had a pretty good night, considering. (I however, slept very little. Perks of being a worry-wart.) She is doing well this morning, still favoring her sore arm, trying to rip off the sling and the splint. Never a dull moment!