Friday, April 3, 2009


This was an actual conversation between me, Shannon and Christopher on our way home from Layton this afternoon.

Christopher: "Mom, I've got armpit hair!"

Me: I look at him in the rear view mirror, with a "huh?" expression on my face.

Christopher: "No, REALLY mom. I've got armpit hair. A BLACK one." He says this proudly like it's been his life long wish.

Me: "Wow." I say with little enthusiasm. I'm not quite sure where this is going...

Christopher: Throwing off his seat belt and jumping up on the console between the two front seats. "See look!!!" He proceeds to pull up his t-shirt to reveal a bare armpit...

Me: "Christopher, I am DRIVING. I can't look."

Christopher: "LOOK! See!!"

Shannon: "That's just peach fuzz."

Christopher: "It is NOT! It's armpit hair! Look, you can see it, it's BLACK.
Look mom!!"
Now he is pinching the skin to make it easier for me to view.

Me: I steal a quick glance. I don't see anything. I look one more time and see a patch of peach fuzz.

Shannon: "There's nothing there! It's just fuzz!" She is giggling now.

Christopher: "There is too you can see it! What would you know anyway?!"

Shannon: "That's nothin." She pulls up her sleeve to reveal....

Christopher: "Oh!! OOOHHHHH!!!!! YUCK!! THAT'S SOOOO GROSSSSSS!!!!!"

Shannon: "Now THAT is armpit hair."

The End.


Phil and Shan said...

Oh the joys of having a boy and a girl close together!! You can tell Chris that Haylee has armpit hair and Corbin does not, this was also a conversation at our house. Yesterday Corbin was convinced he had a little bit of a beard!!!

Fitzwater Family said...

Holy flip. I almost wet myself laughing at that one.