Friday, March 20, 2009

Update on the situation

It was like Christmas morning when the girls got up today.

They rushed out at the crack of dawn to see if Rosie/Pepper/Bell/Jazzy/Trixie (they haven't quite decided which one yet) was still there.

They were ELATED to see her curled up on the pillow they put out for her. It was an answer to their prayers!! (Seriously, they said several prayers about this last night.) A confirmation that RPBJT now belongs with us!!

I will say she seems to be a good dog. She doesn't bark much, sits when she's told, doesn't nip, isn't hyper-active and she's kinda cute-looking...



The Marlin's said...

You are such a softie. Just remind the kids who wanted the dog when they have to pick up the poop. I am bad...I threaten to take our dog back if they complain about taking care of him.

Fitzwater Family said...

I need to borrow her to crap on the Springer's lawn!