Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A few kid updates

This guy turned 14 last month. Don't you just love the look?? He's sure grown up a lot in the last year. Every time I talk to him his voice has dropped another pitch or two...

Shannon participated in the Solo Music Festival this year for the first time. She earned a "Superior" rating from all three judges and was nominated for the Honor Recital!! She is so talented and writes a lot of her own music. Did I mention she's only 11??

Such a classic "Ellie smile"! She is such a wonderful helper and loves to take care of Shelby.

This little girl has learned to walk, run and climb, she has sprouted three teeth, can say "gink, doo doo (thank you), uh oh, ssssat (what's that), yes, da-da, mommmma, ya-ya and a few other words that I haven't figured out yet.

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April said...

Afton, your children have gotten so big! When does this happen? Congratulations to Shannon--that's wonderful about her singing (I'm so glad she has you as her mom!). You're doing great work! Hopefully we'll see you soon!