Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All she wants for Christmas this year

My oldest daughter, who is an absolute angel and never asks for anything EVER, said to me last night...

"Mom I know what I really want for Christmas."

I'm thinking, YEAH!! This is good! I have been inquiring, quizzing and interrogating her for the last 3 weeks and all I've gotten out of her is SNOW PANTS.

"Instead of snow pants or anything else all I want is just one thing."


I can hardly wait to hear it! Seriously all she ever asks for is art stuff and I've just about exhausted my search for paints, pencils and paper.

"Well, all I really want is...."

Yes?? What would you like?? Hmmmmm?? My darling, sweet child???

(I didn't really say that, but I did turn to her and smile while I waited for her answer.)

"All I want for Christmas is a puppy."

My smile freezes. My shoulders drop. Uhhhh, oh.

"PuhLeeEEEze???" (accompanied by this EXACT LOOK)


My mind races no, no, No, NO! Don't ask for the one thing I CAN'T give!!!

You see, we have a "NO PETS ALLOWED" rule at our house. I'm allergic to cats and over time I have managed to convince my kids that I'm now allergic to ALL animals including fish. Matt goes along with this because even though he is a cat lover, he doesn't like having to deal with the mess that a pet can create. I just don't have time for a pet and I KNOW that after the novelty of a new pet wears off - I will be the one who has to take care of it.

"Shannon, we can't get a puppy."

"Pleeeze mom?! I'll take care of it! Pleeeeeze????" (still with the puppy dog eyes)

"I'm sorry but the answer is no." (I'm not exactly sure what I said but this sounds good.)

"But mommmmm.... why not??" (tears are ACTUALLY pooling up in her eyes!)

What do I do? What do I say? She's so sweet and good and nice and she DESERVES A PUPPY!!!!


That's the best I could come up with.

I feel bad, but rules are RULES, right?? We don't break them um, ever, right?? Because that would be bad and set a precedence and then Ellie would want a hamster and a turtle and Christopher would want a snake or something really stinky and Shelby would surely want a cat and then we would have PROBLEMS. Right??

Giving in to puppy request = bad idea. Yes?? (Nod your heads if you agree with me.)

So what do you get a great kid that will be just as good as a puppy??


Fitzwater Family said...

We have quite a similar argument going on at our house with Cambreille. After having the dumbest dog in the Universe, that is not something I want to attempt again. So she is getting a really cute FAKE puppy. Yes, Cambrielle deserves a real puppy to. But I do not. I have been really BAD<>

Carey said...

Well I have no gift idea for you but I do have some sympathy. My kids beg all the time. We have the same rule as you. No pets! Man tears though. That would be hard. You said the truth of it though. You will be the one taking care of it. Oh yeah and scrubbing the poop off of everyone shoes when they step in it. And don't even get me started...if you want to go out of town and not take the animal what do you do with it. It would destroy the house in it's loneliness, and well you get the picture. I am in support of your decision my friend.