Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Party - Ugly Style

The gaggle (what you would call a group of girl friends who cackle alot) got together last week for a Christmas Party. Someone decided it would be fun to have everyone wear their ugliest sweater. Here are the samplings....

Left to Right: Amy - Christmas tree explosion, Amber - I think those were poinsettia leaves (it was all pretty and sparkly), Leslie - Ahoy-there-sweater (note the embroidered SEA HORSES on pockets), Kerri - Orange Puff.

Here we have Sarah - who ISN'T wearing her lovely sweater-vest at the moment (I have another one of her I'll put below), Deanna - you can't see it but this isn't just a sweater, it's a sweater-skirt and goes all the way to the floor (she won the ugliest sweater award btw.), and Cami - wearing a nice chocolate brown 80's flashback.

Here is Sarah (in the red) with her sweet and festive vest and Janna in her homemade blue snugly which we found was a nice substitute for a...

Flannel Board

And me(holding Richelle's babe).

I got hassled by my choice of attire. Apparently it wasn't ugly ENOUGH.


Carey said...

Good heck! I totally cracked up on the flannel board one. And totally agreed that you needed to ugly it out a little more. Love ya babe!

Afton said...

Does it count that I bought it at DI and it itched like crazy?