Monday, August 11, 2008

Newton Dam

We took advantage of Matt's "no school" weekend by pulling the camper out to Newton Dam. We thought that it would be a good idea if we took it out Thursday night so that we would have a nice spot reserved before the weekend rush took over. It was a good thing we did too! As we pulled in Friday evening we found ourselves surrounded not by a sea of water, but a sea of TENTS. One family decided to pitch their tent literally 1 foot away from our camper. It was a little strange... but didn't stop us from having a fun time! Since the three older kids were with their dad again, it was just Matt, me and Shelby.

We invited our niece, Jamie to come jet skiing with us on Saturday. She and I had a lot of fun cruising up and down the lake together and she only fell in once! I make it a point NOT to fall in - especially when we are at Newton. I have seen the monsters (Tiger Muskee's) that live in this lake - they are beyond CREEPY.

Saturday evening we were joined by some more friends and their kids. They all jumped in the water to swim and ride the jet skis. Tyler (the acrobat) got Laci up on his shoulders and that started a round of "Me Next!" from all the kiddo's.

Todd and Tyler then started up their stunts and recreated their signature move of Tyler climbing up on Todd's shoulders. This isn't an easy task. Take a look at what kind of jet ski they are on. Yeah, the kind that's hard to get up on with just ONE person. So Tyler starts out UNDERNEATH the steering bar. Once Todd gets it moving Tyler crawls under Todd's legs and then Todd crouches down. Tyler then climbs up on his back and on to his shoulders. Todd then has to stand up while steering and maintaining his speed. Pretty cool?! They are masters of these kinds of crazy stunts!

In between swimming and standing by the fire to keep warm the kids had fun on the rope swing. The water was too low for them to actually swing into the water, but they still had fun seeing how far out they could swing!

We did have one mishap though - Laci went on the rope swing after dark and missed her landing, running smack into the tree. We thought that she might have to get stitches but she didn't. She was a little bruised at church yesterday - but all smiles as usual.


Brenda Lee said...

Your trip looked so FUN! Loved the video - Loved the pix of the kids, too! Shannon is stunning. Talk to you soon!

Fitzwater Family said...

Looks like fun! Crid looks like a hippy. hee hee