Sunday, August 24, 2008

On the first day of school... I slept in

I don't know what I was thinking, not setting my alarm clock that day. Here's the thing: I set it EVERY day for 6:30am. Guess how many times out of 10 I wake up BEFORE it even goes off?? Yep, all 10. So I must have assumed that I would have no trouble getting up before the kids and fixing them a lovely breakfast and snapping photo's of our cheery, happy morning... BUT it didn't turn out that way. I woke up with a start 10 minutes before Christopher's bus came. (Probably because I was awake all night with my little girl who acts like she is STARVING every 1 1/2.) I rushed out to the kitchen where Christopher and Shannon were already dressed and ready for school. I fumbled around (still half-asleep) for pots and pans and threw together some french toast. Christopher wolfed it down just moments before his bus arrived.

My 8th grader

Shannon didn't have to be to school until 8:45 am so we had more picture taking opportunities.

My Fifth Grader

Shannon with her best friend, Hailey

Poor Ellie doesn't start until next week. That is forever away to a 5 year-old! But she is excited and I will blog about her big day when it arrives.

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