Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Back, Baby!

Oh it's so good to be back! Did anyone miss me?? Yes?? Hello?... anyone? Did you um, even realize I was gone??

I guess the separation anxiety was more acute on my end of the line. You see, my computer got a (I suspect it was more than one, but I can't prove it) virus and crashed. It ended up in the computer hospital to be rebuilt and even though it got well and came home yesterday (THANK YOU MATT), it still has AMNESIA. It doesn't remember much from our previous life together. So it is going to take some time to fully recover. It could have been worse though. Much, much worse. I find myself changed by all this. I feel like I'm going through some sort of PTSD. I am so afraid! Afraid that any link I click on might crash my computer again. That every pop-up box is really a disguise for an evil virus that wants to eat away my hard drive. I don't dare do ANYTHING. Has anyone else experienced this?? (BTW I believe I got the virus from trying to download a program that was supposed to help me make my - OUR - blog look cuter. So be aware that this is probably about as good as it's gonna get for awhile.)

So, since I haven't had a computer these last few days I was able to devote the extra time to reading THE BOOK. I finished it yesterday. I don't want to spoil it for those of you who haven't read it yet, so I will keep my comments for a future post. Anyone else reading it?


Brenda Lee said...

Nice to have you back! Those computers are so dang mischievious! We are on our knees when they crap out on us; don't realize how much we need/use them 'til they crash. Many thanks, Matt/USU nerds. :)

Fitzwater Family said...

Welcome back. Didnt know you were gone, but I feel your pain. I have been there many times.