Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mt Logan

On Saturday, Matt, Shelby and I went on a 4-wheeling trip up to Mount Logan. The trail head starts up Right Fork Canyon and is 28 miles round trip. I googled Mount Logan to see how high the elevation was and I found this description: "For the expert, is an assault of Mount Logan. It involves a terribly challenging climb of 5,700 feet over dirt roads." (It wasn't really that terrible - so don't worry mom!)
The first half of the trail was pretty easy - a little rocky and a lot of twists and turns. I got to lead for a while and so I was able to snap this shot of Matt and Shelby as they came up to this over look.

Matt straps Shelby into the Snugly and she just loves it!

The hum of the engine and bumpy road usually puts her to sleep.

After this point the trail gets a little harder. It involves boulders. Lots and lots of boulders. Good thing 4-wheelers are made for things like that. (My back side isn't though.)

We stopped at this neat little place that's about 2 miles from the top. It's a warming hut for snowmobiler's. You can go inside, build a fire, make some hot chocolate, and snuggle down into a sleeping bag. You can read/write journal entries of those that have been there.

Trying out the self-timer

At the top! Smithfield and Logan at 9,710 feet.

Instead of heading right back, Matt took me to see this um, (swallowing hard) cliff. I uh, don't do heights very well. So I wasn't to hip on how close to the edge we were (I just didn't look). Notice I'M holding Shelby? I got a little crazy and protective about people falling off the edge and dying...

We really weren't THAT close to the edge. (Even though looking at this picture that Matt took my heart starts pounding because it LOOKS like I'm right on the edge.) It took me awhile before I warmed up to the idea that we weren't going to tragically fall over the edge and die. Once I relaxed I was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It was breathtaking! We watch two bald eagles flying back and forth to a nest that was cradled into the side of the cliff. You don't get to see that everyday. Thanks so much Matt for taking me on another awesome adventure!!


Brenda Lee said...

WOW! That looked like so much fun! We miss you guys! Can't wait to see you on Friday. Love - Bren

Fitzwater Family said...

Looks like fun, we are going on Saturday. Cody got his wheeler fixed after Justin rolled it and totaled it...

The Belands said...

I love your blog. You have done such a great job at keeping it so currant with your life. It was great to see you the other day as well. See you soon.Amber