Tuesday, June 3, 2008

World Sportbike Fun!!

The weekend was so fun - I wished I would have taken more pictures but didn't have time.

Here is a Ford GT40 I believe

Here is a Shelby!

Troy Corsers bike that went down just before our turn (only about 100 yards away.)

The damage!

Winners Circle!

Our corner! It is "Pit In" if you know what that is - it is right before the long straight.

You couldn't get me to stop smiling!

Troy Baliss' bike - the other side is completely smashed with dirt and rocks embedded and the frame and foot pegs busted up really bad! This is the bike that I ran for and when I got there it was on its side idling and the rear tire was spinning - it was pretty close to the track so we hurried so that we wouldn't get ran over.

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