Friday, June 13, 2008


Today the kids and I drove down to Salt Lake to meet Brenda and Jana and their kids. We decided to surprise my mom and dad with a visit!! We all met in the underground parking garage of the place that they are staying and took the elevator up to the third floor where there is a really nice patio area just below their window. We got ourselves all lined up holding a special poster that the kids had made...

When we were ready, Brenda called my mom and asked her if she could see the beautiful rainbow outside. My mom said, "Huh, what rainbow? Has it been raining?" Brenda told her to just look out her window! She pulled the curtains back and there were we all were!

She called to my dad to come and see and they were both sooooo surprised to see us!!

My mom came down to the courtyard to visit while my dad sat at the window with the speaker phone on and we all took turns visiting with him. (He couldn't come down because he has been so sick and we don't want him to end up in the hospital AGAIN!)

Lauren, Shannon and Savannah talking to Grandpa

Jana and Isabella talking to Grandpa

We had a nice little picnic lunch (thanks Brenda!) and before we knew it 2 hours had passed!

It was so wonderful to be able to see my parents and sisters - even for a short while! I think it really boosted all of our spirits!

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