Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trip to Delta

We took the kids 4-wheeling out by Cherry Creek this weekend. This is a really neat place just past Little Sahara (sand dunes) where we usually go. We camped where there were tons of trails to follow and lots of jumps and tracks for the kids to play around on. The kids got some good practicing in. We went on a long family ride and saw a lot of pretty country!
On Saturday we went to Matt's family reunion in Oak City. Matt and Christopher got to go on a tour of the IPP Plant that morning. Afterwards, we drove out to Topaz Mountain but didn't have enough time to really find anything. We made it back to Oak City just in time for the family luncheon and program. Matt got to see a lot of his cousins and distant relatives - most of whom he has never met. We never knew there were so many Lovells!!
After the reunion we packed up and headed home. We stopped in Payson for about an hour to visit with my parents and had a nice visit with them.

This is a video of Christopher showing off what he can do on his 4-wheeler.

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Jana said...

Fun! I loved the videos and pictures! I was looking at one picture and wondering why Matt was wearing pink. I then realized it was Shelby! How cute. What a fun way for her to travel with you guys.