Monday, November 5, 2007

Salt Lake weekend

We had such great weekend together! A family from Matt's mission down in Texas (and come to find out a relative of the Lovell family!) invited us to come to their son's wedding dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. So we got all "fancy" as Ellie put it and drove down to Salt Lake City Saturday morning. We got there with plenty of time to spare so we walked around and enjoyed the beautiful and WARM day! (Someone forgot to tell me not to wear high heels though, so I was nursing my poor feet, belly and back all day long.) It was really neat to meet some of the family and friends from Matt's mission. The kids had fun touring the temple grounds before we headed over to the JSM building for lunch. We took the kids all the way up to the tenth floor to see the view - they thought that was so cool! Then we headed to the Palmyra Room where the reception was being held. All day long we had been coaching the kids on their manners and how to behave at this very special dinner. It was very elegant and I was a little worried about how they would act.... As it turns out, they were fabulous!! They sat so patiently (bride and groom were, uh a little late getting there...) for about 45 min, without complaint. They had perfect manners and were very polite the entire time. Matt and I were SO impressed! Not one kid moaned or groaned, said they were bored, or asked when can we go home? I even heard Christopher (who was missing a chance to hang with friends) say "That was fun, we should do this again sometime!" What mother doesn't love to hear that?!

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The Brandon Heaton Family said...

Um yeah! What mother wouldn't. Makes you feel like you are doing something right huh? You do have great kids. Carey