Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Break

We had a great time on over our Thanksgiving Break! On Thursday we went to Peggi's house (Matt's sister) that lives in Willard. Most of the Lovell family was there and we had a terrific time eating, visiting, playing and goofing off!! The Lovell's are so much fun and such a talented bunch!! Everyone took turns singing out their favorite songs - our girls were even brave enough to sing "When Christmas Comes To Town" in front of everyone! They were a hit! (Good practice for my recital that is coming up in December!) On Friday we headed down to Payson for the Furniss family Thanksgiving. Matt and I had to take a slight detour to the hospital when we got there as I was having regular contractions and the doctor wanted to make sure that everything was okay. They ended up putting me on some medication that stopped my contractions and I was allowed to go home. We did get a chance to see our little girl again on an ultrasound - what a cutie!!! I think she looks like Matt!!!
Anyway, I was banished to the couch for the rest of the weekend - I wasn't even allowed to make a single pie for Thanksgiving on Saturday!! Everyone showed up to mom's house Saturday morning for family pictures. It was such a beautiful day and the kids just played and played!! As soon as the BYU vs UofU game was over (everyone was in a good mood because BYU won again!) we headed out to Dad's shop for another Thanksgiving feast! It was soooo good! We had such a terrific visit with everyone! The kids had a blast and spent most of their time at Brenda and Chris' new home in Santaquin. We are so grateful that we have such wonderful families that love us!!!

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The Brandon Heaton Family said...

ooooh I hope you post some of those family pictures. Do you have any?