Monday, November 19, 2007

Date Night

Friday night was "date night" with the kids. Shannon and I went to the "Sugar n Spice" special Christmas sale. We dressed up in our pj's (for fun, but also got a free craft if we did!!) and headed to the store at 6:30pm. It was already swarming with people!! There were coupons hidden throughout the store and Shannon turned out to be my good luck charm as she found one for me which gave me 30% off one of my items! They also had a drawing for prizes every 10 minutes and Shan ended up on the lucky number to win! there were loads of great gifts, not to mention yummy treats (to keep us moving) around every corner! We had such a blast and got tons of Christmas shopping done!
Not to be left out, Ellie and Matt decided to have their own "date night" together. They went to the best restaurant in town.... McDonald's! Matt even let Ellie help pay - using the .06 cents she had saved up! (I believe she actually made some money on this as Matt gave her change back after the transaction was completed.) She loved being able to play in the playland and was even brave enough to go all the way to the top! After that, they took a trip to Home Depot to get some supplies to fix a plumbing problem in the downstairs bathroom. Ellie was a big helper when they came home and they got right to work fixing it... Once that task was taken care of Matt treated Ellie to a movie of her choice at the video store! Shannon and I got home just in time to miss the previews before the show began.
Yes, and I haven't forgotten about Christopher. He is all over the place lately!! He is busy making new friends and has been having fun being invited to do different things with them. Friday night he went to a farewell party for one of his friends that is moving to New York. He had a great time with them, even though he missed all the girl stuff at home (sad, I know). He is also getting pretty good at his skate board. He's learning new tricks everyday - not to mention all the battle wounds he receives from the attempts that fail!
We are so excited to visit our families the week as we celebrate Thanksgiving!! See you all soon!!

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The Brandon Heaton Family said...

I love that Matt took Ellie out on a date. That was so sweet. I really want to shop right now. Just give me a few weeks...Loving your blogging.