Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another Great Weekend

The kids were with their dad this weekend and Matt was in California, so I made good use of my Friday night by hanging out with friends. Sarah had a 35% off coupon to Kohl's and so we all got together to do some Christmas shopping. It is so much fun to go shopping with these gals and we always find such great deals! We ended up going to Chili's afterwards where we all ate waaaayyyy too much! But we laughed so hard the entire time, I'm sure we burned most of those calories away!
Saturday morning Matt (who had been on the road for a straight 48 hours without sleep) came staggering in. He claimed that he wasn't sleepy, but his eyes were bloodshot and glazed over. My mom arrived about 45 minutes later and after a short visit she and I took off shopping - with strict instructions to Matt to go to bed. She and I had a great time touring Logan and I took her to all the best places to visit. Our favorite was "Sugar n Spice" which my friend, Janna Barlow owns. They were having a 50% off sale of all their fall and Thanksgiving items - so we stocked up and found some really great Christmas presents!!
Saturday night we treated my mom to the Jon Schmidt concert up on campus. I had been advertising the concert in my studio and so had some students that were able to go too! It was fantastic!! We had so much fun!! Jon is such a terrific entertainer and performer!
Sunday was our Primary Program in Sacrament meeting. The girls both had parts in it and they did an excellent job. The whole program was so neat and full of extra musical numbers which I loved. It was really a great weekend and I'm so glad that my mom was here to enjoy it with us!

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The Brandon Heaton Family said...

We had our program on the same day! It is so funny to be pregnant right now. Emma said her part at the microphone so shyly and looked and her dad and I the whole time for comfort. I started crying when she was almost finished. Darn these hormones!