Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our last night of the year

For New Years Eve we hooked up with our friends and went out to the Barlow's (Sr) in Lewiston. We took our toys and lots of warm clothing to play in the snow.

Getting ready to go outside.

This is the best little hat because she isn't able to yank it off due to the strap. I love Velcro. Thanks Janna for getting such a sweet smile out of her!

Shelby's first time in her snow suit. She didn't quite know what to make of it and just laid there...

The snow ended up being too deep for the wheelers so our friend, Todd brought out the good stuff.

Our Ride for the night.

Matt and Shelby all bundled up.

We drove all over the place and stayed warm and toasty inside the Argo. It was AWESOME.

Besides driving around having fun we were also playing videographers for these two

Todd and Tyler, as they attempted to tube off of a humble looking jump.

Not as easy as it looks folks.


Fitzwater Family said...

Shelby's snow suit reminds me of the little boy on A Christmas Story that couldnt put his arms down. hee hee

Bingham Family said...

You little one is growing up fast...