Friday, January 9, 2009

Fun to do

We are getting ready to celebrate Shannon and Ellie's birthdays this weekend. A package arrived in the mail yesterday for the two b-girls and since we have no restraint or patience in this house we opened it right away.

This is what was inside.

A mid the squeals of delight I had to ask, "What the heck ARE those?"

Response: BENDAROOS!!

Me: What are Bendaroos?

Response: Haven't you ever seen the commercials mom? They are soooooooooo COOL!!!

Apparently I am not up on all the commercials that entice little children to beg things from their parents.

But I have to say, these are pretty dang cool. We played with them for the rest of the night and part of this morning. They are not messy or toxic, no little parts, reusable and kids can be creative. LOVE IT.

Ellie and I built this.

This is a duck. A DUCK! Cute huh? And how talented are Ellie and I that WE MADE HIM.


My new favorite thing.

Go out and buy them for your kids today.

In other news we have reached another milestone in Shelby's life. Earlier this week, Shannon was able to get Shelby to walk across the room unassisted. (You all know how much fun it is when a baby takes their first steps, so I don't need to tell you how much cheering and clapping and "yeah-ing" has been going on at our house.) Shelby would still rather crawl than walk, but she is getting better. Tonight we tried to see if she would walk better with shoes on her feet.

Not so much.

She looked like a cat with tape on her paws.

Now lets try taking the shoes off...

Much better!!


Bingham Family said...

Your kids are growing so fast. It is fun to see them on your blog. And thank you for your comments on my blog. It lifts the spirits to hear from you...

MattnKelli said...

Who knew bend a roos? Fun! Also Shelby is such a cutie!

the MomBabe said...

My kids BEG for bendaroos. They have the informercial memorized... I think I might have to order some now.