Monday, January 26, 2009

Another reason why January is the best month of the year

My baby turned one on Saturday. I was going through all her little pictures reminiscing her birth, this past year, all the mile-stones and JeeeZzz lAhWeeez!

That went by quick.

January 24th 2008

Shelby - January 2009

We celebrated the day by going to McDonald's with some friends and and letting all the girls play. Later on we did the traditional cake and ice cream and Ellie made sure that Shelby opened ALL of her presents.

I know this "cake" seems awful small, but we've been overrun with b-day cake lately. These are actually brownies and only half-way frosted. (Some didn't WANT frosting on their piece! I don't get that- frosting makes everything taste GOOD.)

Last weekend for my birthday, Matt stole us away to St. George for some warm weather riding. We did a lot of looking for some fun trails and came across this really neat spot.

Little Black Mountain

5000 year old petroglyphs

I just want to say how lucky I feel to have these sweet little girls in my life (all born in January!)!! I love being a mom and I am so grateful for such a wonderful, loving, patient husband that takes care of us all!

Stay tuned for the next b-day kid in line: Christopher is my little Valentine's Day Boy!


also known as shell said...

Happy Birthday Shelby. She's sure a cutie! and yeah whats with someone not wanting frosting on their brownie? :) I agree thats the best part!

Fitzwater Family said...

Does it make you want to have more?

Bingham Family said...

January is a good month. My Justin was born in january too.

Carey said...

Who doesn't like frosting? She is my girl. I really don't like chocolate frosting for some reason.