Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Clown - Act II

I went to another Murder Mystery Dinner Friday night. It was with the same group of friends as the last time and we were all assigned the same characters - supposedly as a continuation of the last mystery dinner. Our good friend, Stan wrote the story this time an there were a lot more twists and turns, along with some new characters. Anyway just for fun I decided to step things up a notch with my character.

Upgraded look

Now THIS is red hair

I love the bow. Makes me look so.... innocent!

Close up - just to keep you up at night

Matt couldn't go this time because of school, so I was a solo act. It was fun and I even won best costume!


also known as shell said...

I love the red hair. its really cute.

ramsam said...

Awesome eye make-up! that sounds so fun