Monday, October 27, 2008

Murder Mystery

Saturday night, Matt and I went to a Murder Mystery dinner with all of our friends. Earlier in the week we were each assigned a character to dress up as. Matt was Count Mernoff - a real life VAMPIRE. You know, for as long as I can remember I've had this thing for vampires/Dracula. No, not because of THAT certain BOOK and all the hype behind THOSE characters. It was from a movie that I saw when I was young. Dracula appears and with his hypnotic eyes weakens all of the damsels abilities to fight him off. She simply turns her neck to allow him to BITE. Ohhhhhhh, soooooo romantic!! I loved it! So I was quite thrilled to see Matt in the Count Mernoff get-up.

My character was... a clown. I KNOW. How non exciting can that be?? When I saw what I was supposed to be I was so disappointed. A clown?? Wuh?? So I took matters into my own hands and created this look.

My sister, Brenda told me that I looked like "IT"'s girlfriend. I guess that might be close...

All ready to go!

Crazy-Clown-Girl and my friend Janna, AKA Poison Pen

Poison Pen and her hubby Darren Dirk (Todd)

Kerrie was Miss Scarlet. Her husband Dave, was supposed to be Don Juan - a very suave lady's man. But Dave did his own thing and came as Don Juan's brother - Doug.

Stan - Black Jack poker man, and his lOveLY wife - Nurse Ratchett (Cami)

Mad Bomber - Charlie Erickson our YM president!

Amber and Graham - The Cowgirl was a suspect and Cyclops totally ratted her out!

Leslie, our TOP GUN executive starts things off by giving us details of the "murder". Who are the suspects?? Well in a room full of assassins - we ALL were!

This was a fun evening!! Everyone oohed and aahhhed over my makeup job (compared to my "CATS" makeup this was easy!). My friend, Janna wants me to do her makeup for her witch costume this coming week. I will post some pictures of that later.


Denise said...

Hi there, I found you from my sister Shantelle's blog.

That looks like so much fun! We hold an annual Murder Mystery Party every year but post poned our until this January due to just moving into a new house.

Great Costumes and Great make-up job!

Carey said...

ok so I really honestly had nightmares when I was little about It. I was in a grocery store and saw the cover of that movie on a shelf. and whamo! I had nightmares for like two weeks. Thanks alot! Brandon is gone to Michigan this week....freaks out and dead bolts every door in the house, then hides under her blankets in her room...screw everything/everyone else, I want to live!