Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

On Sunday, Christopher's Young Men leader challenged all the YM to get a missionary hair cut.

(crickets chirping.....)

The leader then added that whoever would go with him on Monday after school to get a missionary hair cut, he would take them out to DINNER.

Helpful tip: You get a better response from boys (and men for that matter) when it involves FOOD.

Christopher's leader came over yesterday afternoon to pick him up. He had his suburban full of boys who were all excited about going to get a missionary do (or maybe it was for the free meal?).

As a mom, I was excited too - I haven't seen Christopher with short hair since he was 9. That was 4 years ago!

This is him, heading out the door. (His mouth was numb and lips were puffy. We had just gotten back from the dentist and he had to have a tooth pulled. Ouch.)

The new look. Handsome huh?!

Can you spot the missing tooth??

I'm proud of him. Out of all the boys that went, only one other boy besides Christopher actually went through with it. Apparently some boys are just as picky about their hair as girls.


The Marlin's said...

I don't know what it is with boys and long hair. I would think there necks would hurt with all of the flipping they do. Tell him he looks great. Hope everything is going good.

Carey said...

Oh my gosh! I love that challenge. So great! I will tell our Young Men's parents about it. So cooooool!

Fitzwater Family said...

Check out Crid! Oh my little boy is back! I love this little nut, and he actually looks like I rememeber him. Grrrow! The girls are gunna think he is such a little hottie... Love ya Crid!

Kay said...

Hi Ho - that's our grandson !! What a doll. Christopher you are so handsome. The hair cut is grreat but the fact that you followed through on this challenge says a ton about YOU and your character.

You ROCK Man!

Love, grandma and grandpa Furniss

Phil and Shan said...

Hey Chris's hair looks great, maby it will inspire Corbin to cut his, I haven't seen Corbins forehead since he was nine also.