Sunday, November 2, 2008

The best Halloween EVER

We had such an awesome Halloween! It was Matt's 36th birthday (Happy b-day sweetie!), Brenda and Chris and their kids came up and we had all of our friends over for our annual chili dinner before our trick-or-treating adventures.

It was a massive rush on the bathrooms to get in costumes and makeup. Trevor was a hairy cheerleader, Shannon was a vampire, and Christopher was just interested in looking like his face was charred off.

Christopher and Chris fixing themselves up.

I stepped in to help Joe Dirt out with his sideburns.

Love the tube socks and the head band, man.

Brenda and Joe, I mean Chris.

Ra Ra Trevor!

This is Brandon. I think he ditched the mask pretty early on.

Madison the witch. She really, REALLY wanted that nose on and her face painted green to be an ugly witch.

Lauren and Trevor

Birthday boy!

Dave and Chris - separated at birth??

Me and Brenda

All the kids - they are READY to GO!

Instead of climbing into our cars, we jump on our ATV's! (Perks of living in a smaller, farming town!)
Our rides for the night!

Our little Lady Bug and her dad.

What does this face say to you?

The caravan swarms...

Ellie, Trevor and Madi

Shelby and I did a little trick-or-treating too! I couldn't believe how nice the weather was! PERFECT!

Who's having more fun here??

Everyone all lined up. I think we had 4 rinos, 1 Kabota, 2 scoot coupes, 2 four wheelers and a couple of mini vans in our little caravan.

These guys look like they are having way too much fun.

Bruce took the whole door-to-door thing seriously. Good thing he knows these people!!

Matt, me and some of the kids

"Rock on!"
Chris riding in one of the scoot-coupes and Todd Barlow in the Red one.

Christopher and Chris tootling around.

All the rino's and scoot-coupes were provided by Todd and MOTORSPORTS UNLEASHED. Thanks Todd!!!

After a couple of hours we headed back to our place. All the kids went downstairs to eat their candy and to watch a movie. Mom's and dad's hung out upstairs eating doughnuts, treats and visiting.
Thanks to everyone who came - we had a blast!!! Same time, same place next year!!


Brenda Lee said...

Awwwwwesome! Love the pics. I have to go through mine and get them posted ASAP. Thanks again for the best Halloween EVER! We had so much fun! Your friends are SOLID GOLD up there! I had the best time getting to know each of them. Thx again, love you!

Afton said...

This comment is from my sister, Jana. She emailed it to me and I thought it was cute!:

I'm too lazy to try and remember my user name and password for the blogthing, but wanted to let you know I enjoyed it! Maddi definitely needed the makeup if she were ever to try and look like an ugly witch, but her golden locks completely give her away. She looks like an angel in disguise. And Shelby's picture, well, this is what Isaiah said, "Oh, don't be scared." But then of course later he said she looked like she was having fun. And finally, I hope to never see Chris in shorts like that again.

ramsam said...

Awesome make-up (on the witch below, too!) I know you'd be good at that. I saw ATV"s in Elkridge while we were up there and I was so jealous! That looks so fun! You guys look great, and I can't believe how big your little ladybug is! Happy Birthday Matt!

Matt said...

Such a wonderful B-day and wonderful friends and family!! Special thanks to my sweet wife Afton! I love you so much! Thank you for all you do for me and such a wonderful day! I love my present!!

also known as shell said...

Afton that picture of your little girl made me laugh so hard. so cute!!!

Carey said...

Man that looks so fun. I am so wishing I lived closer to you. How are you? When will we sing together again?!!!

Kyle & Michelle said...

Jealous of the four-wheeling trick or treating! How fun! Love all the costumes. It LOOKS like the best halloween ever!

Bingham Family said...

Sounds like fun. Is your dad doing well?