Saturday, September 20, 2008

Links make the world go round

This post is dedicated to a couple of fellow blogger friends that need a shout out today!

First of all my wonderful friend, Michelle is having an awesome give-away! For any of you that love Salt City Candles (only the BEST there is) you won't want to miss it. Check out her blog for details and on how to be included. But hurry, you only have until Sept. 30th!!!

Another shout out goes to Sue over at Navel Gazing. Okay guys, if you aren't familiar with this blog you are missing out!! You will be rolling on the floor, gasping for air and losing control of some bodily functions because you are laughing so hard. Don't believe me? Read this. Laughing yet?? Recognizing yourself a little bit in that post? Now go and read this. Heehee heee Haaahaa haa HOO HOOO OHHHHH!!! Just a minute......

Gasp - whew!! That was funny! Okay, sorry I'm back now. What was I talking about? Oh yeah my shout out!

Sue is putting together a blog book and needs your help. The proceeds go towards the NieNie fund. This is such a worthy cause! Check out the link to see how you can support/submit to the Blog Book. Again the deadline is SEPTEMBER 30th!! So get your post submitted ASAP!

Now, because I haven't reached my minimum link quota in this post here is one more. Go read this and have a great Saturday!


Fitzwater Family said...

Well, you win my graditude! Dude! Funny, funny post. I had to put Luke to bed, then I had to stop cleaning so I could check out all the cool links. And wow, can I just say that Michelle has a cute blog? And I agree with you, Salt City is the best. Down with scentsie, or however you spell it...

The Lovell's said...

Yeah, Michelle's blog so, soooo cute!!

Okay and what the heck are "scentsie's"??