Sunday, September 21, 2008

For a Limited Time Only!

Today's post is a B-Fomercial (B=Blog) for SALT CITY CANDLES.

As I mentioned in my last post, my friend Michelle is having a super-duper give-away over at her blog. She is also hosting a SSC Open House on Sept. 30th. Guys. Don't miss this awesome opportunity to see what's new and stock up for the holidays!! Michelley is a certified Rep. She knows what she's doing and can get it ALL. She is an EXPERT at smells (good ones) and has something (candles, warmers, accessories, etc) for everyone. I posted on her blog the other day 8 things that I LOVE about Salt City Candles. It made me so excited about them that I decided to spread the love to all of you. So here is some of what I wrote on her blog:

1- I Love the smell of SSC. They are strong enough to carry through the whole house with out being overwhelming. Plus you can do smell combinations: Cedarwood Vanilla in one room and Baked Apple in another.

2- Options, options, options! So many scents to choose from you gotta smell coffee beans in between. So many different colors, shapes and sizes too~

3- Burn baby, burn. I'm not a pyro, I just love the soft flicker of the flame. And they burn for hours!!

4- They burn evenly too. (As long as you don't let them freeze before you burn them. That happens if you leave it in your car during the winter. Never do that.)

5- More options: Don't want to have an open flame?? Get a warmer! And it's not just candles anymore!! But you gotta go to the OPEN HOUSE ON SEPT 30th to see for yourself!

6- Accessories!!!! Not only can you have a sweet smelling candle but you can decorate with them too!

7- There's a candle for every occasion! Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day... Want your house to smell like a spa? SSC has just the thing!

8- It's your "Get out of ___________ (insert appropriate word here) free" card.

For example:

Your house is old. It smells like mothballs all the time no matter that you've cleaned and disinfected and gutted everything out. What to do?! Grab your self a Mountain Vineyard and in about 20 minutes all will be right again.

You've got company coming over and you want your house to smell like you've been baking all day?? Try burning one of these babies: Golden Apple, Frosted Cinnamon Roll, Gingerbread, or Pumpkin Spice. YUMMY.

It's Christmas and you have just put up your fake tree(s). You long for that wonderful "just-chopped-down-my-evergreen-Christmas-tree" scent. Try one of these: Christmas Tree, Christmas Eve, Christmas Trimmings, Pepperberry Wreath (one of my FAVS!), or Victorian Christmas (NOT even Christmas with out this one burning). Better yet. Put a different one in every room and burn them all at the same time. People will think they are in Christmas Heaven.

That was the original 8 reasons, but I totally forgot one of the BEST!

9- They are AFFORDABLE. Please don't buy your candles at the grocery store. What a waste!!! Even if you are buying SSC you are spending too, too much. Buy them straight from Michelle and you will get SUCH a DEAL. You'll even get a better deal if you have your own party (which let's face it - THIS is the best time of the year for candle parties!!) But you gotta go to the OPEN HOUSE on Sept. 30th. If you can't make it to the open house, you can contact Mishee by leaving a comment and she will make sure you get a chance to order.

Thanks for tuning in to my first ever B-Fomercial!!


Fitzwater Family said...

B-Fomercial! ha haa. I get it! You have fur sure been the most creative....
Not so much on the Cinn Vanilla, but everything else. ROCKS... oooooo Pepperberry Wreath (Homer Simpson style) Mmmmmmmmmm

The Lovell's said...

Whoops! I meant to write Cedarwood Vanilla!

also known as shell said...

I love Bfomercials. This is the first one I've ever read. but it was great. I'm now going over to sign up.