Friday, July 25, 2008

Girls Camp

I did it. I made it through Girls Camp as a leader and not only survived, but had a terrific time!! I knew that it would be great because we have such wonderful girls in our ward. But it was even better because my niece, Lauren came with us! We did a kid swap and exchanged Madi, for Lauren last weekend. My kids are with their dad for the next few weeks (sniff) and so having Lauren come up was the perfect distraction for me! I was also able to bring Shelby to Girl's Camp - she is now officially certified as a 1st year!

We left early Monday morning and everyone drove to the DI where we all shopped for "Cruise Clothes".

Lauren helping to set up camp.

Shelby was a big help too. Here she is inspecting the inside of my tent.

All the girls up at camp - in Hawaii

Heading out on our 5 mile hike up to Rosie's mine. Look closely... it's POURING RAIN.

Where's Waldo? I mean, can you spot 11 girls in this picture??

All the girls and the leaders

I'm so glad that Lauren came with us! Everyone just loved her (leaders included!) and thought she was the sweetest, kindest, and cutest girl. She fit right in with the girls and made some really good friends.

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Carey said...

Man I am just amazed that you brought Shelby! How did she do at night? And that hike in the rain? How did that work?