Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun times at Bear Lake

We are just having way too much fun around here! Yesterday, as soon as Matt got home from school we headed over to Bear Lake. There, we met up with our friends, John and Marie and their two kids. Lucky for us, they arrived early enough to save us a perfect spot (perfect = within walking distance to the potty). It was such a beautiful day. A slight breeze kept the air cool and for a Saturday at Bear Lake it wasn't even crowded! Matt unloaded the jet ski's and made sure every kid got a ride that wanted one. Shannon and Christopher went out a couple of times on the tube, but mostly they all just swam and played on the beach. The girls collected every single sea shell that they could find. Shannon even planned ahead and brought zip lock baggies to bring them home in (she probably knew that I would say no to a stinky bucket of shells in the truck.) We cooked steaks and hamburgers and ate lots of junk food. It was fun to just sit there on the beach and visit and watch the kids play. Very relaxing! We decided to prolong the adventure by going for shakes afterwards at Le beau's. Yum, yum, yummy! You just can't go to Bear Lake with out stopping there. Only thing is - everything they make is delicious! It's hard to decide what to get. We sure had fun and I'm so glad that Madi was here to go with us!

Here are some videos I took of each of the kids.

Shannon and her MASSIVE collection of sea shells just spilled into the lake.

Christoper wore himself out trying to get the perfect run and slide on the boogie board! He did about 50 takes and this was one of his best attempts.

Ellie and Madi looking for "She-shells".

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Aaron & Kami said...

You guys always look like your having so much fun! We need 4-wheelers and wave runners!