Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Downata Hot Springs

We're not done having fun yet! We took another quick trip - this time to Downata Hot Springs up in Idaho!

We packed up our camper and headed out late Monday afternoon along with our friends the Barlow's and the Coat's. Downata (pronounced Don-etta) is not what you would call a major water park, but they have a huge pool, hot tub, kiddie pool and 5 different slides. The best part?? NO LINES! In fact there was only about 4 other families there the whole time! How great is that?? We also got a discount on our tickets because we came during the week - SWEET!! The first night we swam the twilight hours and then hit the sack. The next day it was all the kids could do to have to wait until things opened up at noon. Luckily there were some fun things to do and see - beach volleyball, play in the sand, swings, play with the other camping kids - to keep them occupied.

The kids had an absolute BLAST swimming, playing and riding on the slides! Shelby and I even got in the water, which by the way was sooooo lovely and WARM!!! My least favorite part about swimming is trying to get used to the cold water. I know, I know it's summer and the cool water feels nice and all, but this was just awesome and I didn't have to worry about Shelby being cold. Shannon and Madison were constantly riding the two biggest slides. Christopher played the shark most of the time to all the little kids and Ellie was brave enough (finally!) to go down one of the kiddie slides (I didn't even have to bribe her!).

Today we went swimming (again - you would think the kids would be waterlogged by now!) at my friend, Cami's house. This is just as much fun for me as the kids because I get to sit and visit with my friends!

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Bingham Family said...

Your kiddo's are growing so fast. What happened? Cute family