Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things you forget

Even though Shelby is my fourth child, I still ask questions and stress about things like she is my first. It's an adventure each time and you easily forget some of the baby basics. Such as... babies don't sleep at night and neither do you. They spit-up everywhere, especially if you have just put a new shirt on. Your laundry triples due to the fact that you are now washing onesies, pj's, blankets, burp clothes, sheets, and all the spit-stained clothes from you and your husband. Your baby, no matter when she last ate, will want to eat again the moment you try to get in the shower, do chores, work on the computer, teach or sleep. And they will poop or pee on you if you don't change them quickly enough! I definitely have had a refresher course over the last month! But as I look at her cute little face that changes with every day and every expression, as I wait to see her first smile, smell her hair as I am holding her and play with her sweet little tiny hands and feet... it's not hard to remember that it's all worth it!

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Fitzwater Family said...

The "things you forget" go away so qwickly... I am already seeing those things go away with Luke. I am constantly reminding myself to remember the way I feel at that moment. Over and Over. These special moments in each of our childrens lives change every day. Each "first" that continues every year, month, day, moment... As I listen to the sweet sounds he makes while I am nursing. The giggles and smiles when all I do is just look at him. Crazy how time goes by so fast... I want to make sure and Grab onto those moments and live them... Do the same...