Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Christopher!

Yesterday was Valentines Day, but more importantly it was Christopher's 13th Birthday! Yes, it's true folks - he is officially a teenager now. How scary is that?? Before I know it he's going to be driving and dating, then leaving on a mission... I don't know if we are ready for this!

Christopher got out of school early yesterday due to Parent/Teacher Conferences so he, Matt and I had a lunch date. We went to a local Mexican resterant, El Toro Viejo. Matt made sure that the waitress knew we had a birthday boy - thus the picutre of Christopher in the big Sombrero. He was so embarrased, but happy to get the treat they brought out! He has been proudly showing off the polaroid they took of the event ever since. After lunch Christopher and I went birthday shopping at the mall. He is at the age where I can no longer predict what he will/won't like so I don't even try anymore. It's a lot easier to take him with me and have him pick it out - that way I don't have to stand in the return line with a rejected present. Anyway, we had a great time! He found a pair of shoes that he loved and a jacket that was "so cool" at the skate shop. We had a fun Valentine's/Birthday dinner last night complete with cinnamon rolls as a substitute for the b-day cake since neither Christopher or Matt like cake - but both love cinnamon rolls! Christopher doesn't have school today or Monday, so he is planning a fun get together with his friends this weekend. Right now he is outside shoveling snow off the driveway so that he can practice on his skateboard. I wonder how long until the cold sends him back in?
Matt is taking a "paternity" day off from work today. I love that! He actually gets 6 weeks paternity leave, but since he is leaving next month for 10 days to go on an international trip to England, Dubai and India he can't take much more than a few days here and there. I am happy to have him around. Today he is fixing my car. The driver side door refused to open last week. We have been waiting for the part to come in to see if Matt can fix it. I am crossing my fingers - it isn't that easy to crawl across the passenger seat everytime I get in and out. Not to mention how it must look to people...

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