Thursday, April 3, 2008

60 years together!

Last night we traveled to the Joseph Smith Memorial building in Salt Lake to celebrate Matt's parents' 60th wedding anniversary. All of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were there including Janet and Harry from Washington! That was so neat to finally be able to meet them and Jason, Christy and Sharla and their kids. Trisha put together a wonderful slide show of pictures and she and Jodi sang "Grow Old With Me" by John Lennon. Later on Ryan played an arrangement of one of Ferrin and Donna's favorite songs and everyone got up and danced to the music! Barbara gave a touching tribute to her parents that had everyone in tears. (There were a lot of tears through out the night - this is the Lovell family!!) After the program we had a very nice dinner and were able to visit there for several hours. The kids had their own party downstairs complete with dinner, games, movies and of course what Lovell party would be complete with out the goodie bag full of treats and toys!? It was a wonderful evening!! Thanks so much to everyone that helped to put this special event together!

Janet, Ferrin, Dori, Barbara, Lori, Peggy, Matt, Donna and Julie

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