Monday, March 31, 2008

It's been a year

A year ago today I moved out of my house in Payson and up here to Smithfield. That was quite the day. We had some really good help that morning and it was all done and cleaned in less than 4 hours. Matt took a load up a few weeks before, so what was left fit into Matt's truck, my car and my parents truck. I remember being sad to leave my family and friends, but also looking forward to finally being together with my husband. It was a long day, but we unloaded everything that night. I won't say that I got all my stuff put away though - that took weeks to do! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. It took me a few months to adjust but now it just feels like home!! I am grateful to be able to visit my family and friends as much as I do, and for all the visits I get from them!! It's been a great year and I am looking forward to many, many more!!!

My piano was one of the first things Matt brought in. Once we had everything unloaded he asked me to play something for him in my new music room. This is about the only picture I have of what the music room looked like before I redid everything.


Carey said...

So Matt, what did it feel like to hold your sweet wife sitting there knowing she would be there all the time? By the way, pics of what I can see of the house are great.

Matt said...

Hi Carey! Of course it was wonderful! Especially how Afton treats me! I have never had someone love me so much! It is so wonderful! Hope you get feeling better!

Carey said...

What a sweet guy you are. I got a little teary eyed reading your comment.