Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Break

We had an absolute blast over Spring Break this last week!! We left last Thursday morning and headed to Payson to visit with my family. Shelby spent her first night in the camper and it was COLD!! Good thing we have a great heater! The next morning we loaded up and went to the Sand Dunes down by Delta. There we met up with some of our really good friends the Barlow's, the Anthon's and the Coat's. They had come down a day earlier and had saved us a spot which was a good thing because there were a TON of people there! Friday was still a little bit chilly, but the kids didn't care. The second Matt unloaded the 4-wheelers they were off. We had an awesome dutch-oven dinner that night with everyone - Ribs, Potatoes, Baked Beans and of course Cobbler!! It was so yummy!! Later on Brad and Jen Ericksen rolled in with their camper and we added even more kids to the mix. That night the guys took care of the kids in one camper and the moms played games in another. We loved not having to have kids crawl all over us while we were strategizing our next move!!

All weekend long the weather was so beautiful and warm, it felt like June and we all got a sunburn! (Reminder: pack sunscreen in the camper.) The kids played and played on the 4-wheelers (Ellie rode so much she ran out of gas three times), in the "fort" that they made, dune jumping, and digging. They even came up with "Camper Idol" complete with judges and performers! The mom's got to go on a fun ride all the way to Sand Mountain, play games, and even went on a long walk to burn off some of the calories we were consuming due to all the good junk food! The dad's got a lot of guy rides in and were always willing to take the kiddies for rides in the Rhino's. My sister, Brenda and her family were able to make it out for a day as well! One afternoon we all piled in our trucks and drove out to Porter Rockwell's old ranch. That was fun and the kids loved exploring all the old ruins and even found a lizard! We had such a great time with everyone!!! No one really wanted to leave. But when the wind kicked up on Monday we knew that it was time to head home. We are so lucky to have such great friends and family!! We had so much fun and are so grateful that we were able to be together!!

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