Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Birthday Girls!

Both Shannon and Ellie celebrated their birthdays last week. Shannon turned 10 and Ellie turned 5! I can't believe how big they are getting... Shannon had her friend, Haily come over for a girls night out. I took them out to eat and then shopping at the mall. It's interesting what 10 year old's think is fun - playing at the children's lounge and spending $5.00 in quarters in the candy/prize machines. They found absolute treasures inside those little plastic globes!! But not one store in the mall had anything that they needed or wanted. We followed it all up with frosties and a sleepover - they had a great time!! Ellie decided to do a girls day out with her friend, Darcee. A 5 year-old's idea of fun: Going to McDonald's to play and eat. (I don't understand why they like their food better when it is colder than the snow outside, but they do.) Afterwards Ellie wanted to go to the dollar store to shop. The Six Star Outlet is her FAVORITE place to go. You could hear the excitement from those girls throughout the whole store. "OHH, I want THIS!!!! Look at that, ohhh, I want THAT too!!! DARCEE, let's get some of these!!!" I told them that they could each get 3 things and man, it was tough for them to decide! We left with an assortment of costume jewelry, make up, fake nails, purses and candy. They couldn't wait to get home to try it all on!! I have decided these are my kind of birthday parties. All I had to do was chauffeur and watch the fun. No planning, no preparing, no mess, no stress!!

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The Brandon Heaton Family said...

Sounds like a dream! Emma would be so jealous. Happy Birthday Ellie and Shannon.