Friday, June 26, 2009

Updates on everyone...

The first summer month is almost over. Yikes!! We haven't even set up our pool yet! But of course, with all this rain it hasn't even been an OPTION.

We are trying to stay busy - so I, wait... I mean THE KIDS don't get board. Shannon joined a competitive soccer team out in Richmond and is loving it. They have 2 hour practices twice a week and she is required to practice AT LEAST 30 minutes every day but Sunday. She is thrilled!! We did find out (after spring soccer season ended) that she has a knee problem called Osgood Slaughter Disease: inflammation of the patellar tendon where the knee meets the top of the tibia (shinbone). The condition is caused by stress on the tendon that attaches the muscle at the front of the thigh to the tibia. She gets pretty sore after practice but with the help of ice packs and Ibprofen she is good. She is just growing up way too fast and her body can't keep up! The symptoms (swelling and tenderness) subside after treatment and rest and should go away after she stops growing.

Ellie is counting down the days to when the pool is finally up. She is quite the little swimmer and wants to see if she has graduated out of having to wear a life jacket (yes, I'm THAT paranoid). She is one of my biggest helpers around here and as of this week, has asked me to start calling her "Cinderella". I'm not quite sure what she means by that...

As for Shelby, where to begin?? We have little "incidences" every day. Multiple incidences actually... I think I just threw away all the markers in the house due to the last one.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

She has learned to climb, which means I have had to do a mandatory re-decorating that involves all chairs, stools and benches. This added to all the dowels, locks, gates and other baby proofing items makes my house quite the Safety Zone. She is talking more and more every day (though I confess I can't always understand WHAT she is saying). We are at 17 months now and you know what that means... NURSERY is just around the corner!!

Christopher is still living at his dad's house in Payson. I see him every time I go down there. He loves hanging out with his friends and is the typical teenager: Texting, xbox, movies, friends, late nights, computer games... His voice is so low now that I don't recognize it when he answers the phone. KIDS GROW UP SO FAST. =(

Matt is still busy with school. Only two more classes to go!!!! We try to make the most of the weekends he does have off and the nights that he doesn't have to study. He works so hard and is doing really well. I'm so proud of him!!

I am busy with teaching, though the summer months are not quite as hectic as the school ones. I feel a more laid back pace lately, which I really am grateful for. Young Women's keeps me busy as well. We are getting ready to go to camp in two weeks and I don't have to take Shelby with me this year. YEAH!!! I'm speaking with the YW presidency in sacrament meeting this Sunday (I should be writing my TALK instead of updating the BLOG. Can you say, "PROCRASTINATION"?).

I found out this week that my foot is broken =( It's a long story... Back on May 1st when I was down at BYU's Women's Conference I rolled my foot off a curb as I was running to get to my first class. DUMB. It hurt like crazy and almost made me cry. ALMOST. But I limped my way through the day and the next and the next... It took a couple of weeks before the pain went away and I thought that I was better. But then I'd step on it wrong and it was like I was starting all over again. After awhile the aching and pain was so constant I couldn't stand it, so I finally drug myself to the Podiatrist. Apparently I was born with an "extra" bone in my foot called he accessory navicular. The way that I rolled my foot when I hurt it caused the accessory navicular to break off of where it had fused to the normal navicular bone. I'll have to wear a cast for 6 weeks and then see where the healing process is. Hopefully I'll be able to avoid surgery (they will have to remove the extra bone completely and reattach the tendon if the cast doesn't work). The cast itself isn't that bad - that is to say, it's annoying but it isn't slowing me down. : )

I'm off... it's Friday and after teaching 1 lesson (YES ONLY ONE) I'm playing with the kids for the rest of the day.


RoMo said...

No pictures of the fancy cast?

The Marlin's said...

I have had several moments like the Shelby pic. I have been lucky we only have had pen and pencil. We did have black finger nail polish on my new hardwood floor and red lip gloss on the girls carpet. Got to love those babies. I still need to hear your group. You need to post one of the songs on the blog. Hope you have a great summer.