Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First summer camping trip

This past weekend we loaded up the camper and went SOUTH. Not too far though, just down past Delta to the land of DESERET. We stopped at the old Fort and there, we stayed. I don't know what the appeal was?? It could have been the big mud puddles...

Madi and Ellie taking a "mud bath" in the big mud puddle that developed after the first cloud burst. After this, they of course needed to take a dip in the canal that was close by.

Shannon cooling off/washing off the mud in the canal.

Shelby REALLY wanted to go swimming too. The water was pretty clean. No visible floaties. That means it's safe, right?

We went on multiple exploring trips with the 4-wheelers.

Shannon at the Great Stone Face which is said to resemble the profile of the prophet Joseph Smith.

Shelby was constantly climbing up on the pink 4 wheeler. I think she's trying to claim ownership....

One day we took a long ride out to an old volcano. We found a really cool trail that took us all the way up to the top.

Matt and Shelby going up the trail at Pahvant Butte.

Cool and very LARGE lizard that scurried under Matt's machine.

Inside a really cool abandoned cement building on top of Pahvant Butte. We later found out that it was originally constructed to be a windmill plant (back in the 1920's) that was to supply electricity to the local residents. It was never completed.

On the top of Pahvant Butte. This volcano erupted about 15,500 years ago. The explosion produced this crater on the south face of the mountain.

Matt and I on top of Pahvant Butte.

Shannon spent much of her time exploring and looking for lizards.

On our way home we stopped to tour through the museum in Delta (yes, museums are COOL). We also stopped to see the Morrison Charcoal ovens just outside of Leamington.

Inside the ovens.

We sort of got rained out which sent us in the direction of my sister's house in Santaquin. We stopped over there for a visit and they took us on a beautiful ride up Santaquin Canyon.

Chris, Brenda Matt and Shelby up Santaquin Canyon.

Shelby always falls fast asleep on these rides.

We had a great trip!! Went by way too fast, but I'm sure glad we were able to go.

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