Friday, May 16, 2008

I just got tagged again, but don't worry this one's easy and with no real questions to answer. It goes like this....

A) Pick up the nearest book
B) turn to page 123
C) find the 5th sentence
D) post the 5th sentence
E) tag 5 (or more) people

I didn't pick up the nearest book because the nearest ones were all kiddie books that Ellie has been reading - compliments of Grandpa Lovell! But the one I did choose was close by since I just borrowed it from the library yesterday.

"Jacob Have I Loved" by Katherine Paterson. Turning to page 123 and scrolling down to the 5th sentence it says, "But still, they that lets the devil in cannot count themselves blameless." (Ohhhhh..... doesn't that just make you want to read this book?! I will hopefully get to read it today. It has won a Newbery Award and is supposed to be really good!)

I TAG - - - Brenda, Jana, Michelle F, Michelle C, Shelley, Kate, Katie U, and Kami (yes, I know that's eight but this is an EASY one!)

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The Lee Family said...

Here ya go, freak girl. "As the embryo grows, the chorionic sac is obliterated and the amnion and chorion fuse (amniochorionic membrane)."