Monday, August 10, 2009

I love this stage

I love when babies learn to talk. This was at my mom and dad's this past weekend. On the way down to Payson we taught Shelby to say, "Oh dear!". This is her showing off her skills to everyone. Thanks mom for capturing this on video!!!


Now everything that comes out of her mouth is of course, "oh dear". It's still cute. Even after the 100th time. =)


also known as shell said...

that put a smile on my face. super cute!

Fitzy said...

Lukey always say "Jinx!" So fun...

Bingham Family said...

She is just as cute as she could be.

Sandi said...

Thank you for the NICEST comment EVER. You made my entire night! Love to you and your adorable family.

Would you mind sending Shelby over to teach Parker a thing or two?

Loralee Choate said...

HEY, fellow Cache Valley Blogger!
I had to come over and oh, MY this kid is the bee's knees in cute!

(The Cindy Lou Hoo piggies are KILLING ME)

Thanks for the comment. I LOVE getting to know local bloggers!